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Learn the basics of ideation in 2,5 hour workshop with max. 15 attendees.


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Before we can work together on your project, we need to define your goal and expectations. Whether you want to create a virtual experience for your team or even meet in-person, we will make sure your requirements are considered in our approach.

step 1

Create a briefing

Ideation Sessions create the best results when your briefing is clear and well understood by your audience. We will make sure you provide your teams with crystal clear briefings they can work on.

step 2

Virtual or in-person

Under the current circumstances, you might shy away from thinking about hosting an ideation session for your teams, as just another Zoom session won’t do it. You’re right about that, and we know how to fix this. We will be able to take away the organizational pain by providing you with an interactive platform to host up to 500 interactive participants.

step 3

Activate Participants

We know that activating participants for internal can become time consuming and an undeserving experience. We will work with you creating a strategy select the right teams and engage them to create the best results for your innovation initiative.

step 4

A Bonding Experience

Our workshops are proven to improve employee happiness, team communication, and talent retention even if your ideation session is not focused on HR relevant topics. Create lasting experiences for your team they will love!


Ideation as a Service

You need concepts for innovation but don’t want to go through the process of ideation yourself? Whether you are looking for fresh ideas from young talents or detailed concepts and prototypes from valued experts, we will assist you. Our academic partners and seasoned Ideation Professionals are hungry for new ideas!

step 5

Meet the Team

Our seasoned team consists of entrepreneurs, gamification experts, agency professionals, and sales leaders who combined result in a diverse group of creative innovators to help your business move forward. Talk to us to find out more about our team of experienced Innovation Leaders.

Free Ideation Cards

Your first idea is on the house! Download 5 Ideation Cards, learn the basics of our method, and get inspired to create your first idea. We know it will be great!
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