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Before creating your story

Before you can start creating storytelling ideas for your business, you'll need to define a topic that you want to create the story for. This could be your next product launch, a current trend, or any topic that you want to build your story around. For example, imagine you need to create a business story for a car company that launches its next-generation electric car. Once you have defined your topic, you may start creating your first story idea and move to Step 1!

step 1

Story Goal

Story Goals are a way to reduce the complexity of any story to its essence. You can cut almost any Hollywood movie to one sentence to perfectly capture the goal of the film. Story goals are universal and will easily translate to your business while building your story's nourishing base. The following examples are based on cinematic storytelling, as it will make it easier for you to understand how story goals can be applied.

step 2

Pick your Hero

In every story, a great hero makes the difference between a story we genuinely care about or forget within seconds. Make your hero likable, at least to your audience, and provide him with something to lose. If your hero doesn't have anything to lose, your story becomes blatant and boring, and you will lose your audience quickly. Chose your hero randomly from one of the Mindset Cards from the main deck, or settle for a specific one if you need to. Ask yourself: What would my hero do, how would he do it and why? What is at risk?

step 3

Choose your Audience

Just as important as the hero of your story, is the audience going to conceive your story. For Storytelling in Business, it is even more important to tailor your story to your audience's needs and desires to avoid unintended consequences. Empathy is the key, so make sure to get feedback from your target audience before releasing your story. Chose your audience randomly from one of the Mindset Cards from the main deck, or settle for a specific one if you need to. Ask yourself: What elements can I weave into my story that would resonate with my audience, and how?

step 4

Choose your Emotion

Emotions are an essential part of any story, but in Business Storytelling, creating specific emotions is the difference between winning or losing your audience. Sparking particular emotions in your target audience is a great tool to convert the audience's emotional reaction into action. Chose an emotion randomly from one of the Emotion Cards from the main deck, or settle for a specific one if you need to. Ask yourself: How can any element from my story help my audience feel this emotion and why?


Go crazy for 30 minutes!

Now is the time to dive deep into the mind of your audience, and let your imagination flow freely. Let your mind and imagination do the work for you, take notes, refine your thoughts and discuss, if you’re in a group, all the possibilities you could make use of. This is the most essential part of your business story creation process and you will be surprised how many great ideas can be created in just 30 minutes!

step 5

Customize your Story

Congratulations! You have just developed your first business story. You might feel the need to customize it for the vast amount of digital or analog options you can choose from now that you have defined the core story. Present your story customized to the according to the platform and don't fall for the one size fits all trap. Every platform has unique options and possibilities to tell your story.

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