Storytelling for Business made easy with Storytelling Cards

Storytelling for Business

Myndset Storytelling is designed to empower teams and individuals to create emotional stories for their business in 30 minutes or less. Define your brand experience and create raving fans with a proven method approved by screenwriters.

Storytelling for Brands

Using Storytelling in your content strategy conveys your brand with a purpose and is proven to increase customer retention, brand value, and profits by 30%. Engage with your audience on an emotional level and convert your customers to fans.

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Storytelling for HR

Find and attract talent by communicating your vision more effectively and help them visualize their journey in your company. Ignite an emotional connection between you and your candidates and foster lasting relationships with talent that genuinely desires to be part of your organization.

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Storytelling for Personal Branding

Establishing trust is at the core of any Personal Branding Strategy. Design stories with your audience in mind to communicate your vision and purpose on an emotional level. Create lasting trust and the feeling of belonging with your followers through the power of story.

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Don't go solo

Our team of creative storytellers will help you shape your story and create a lasting emotional bond with your audience. Harvest the experience from our team of authors, screenwriters, and sales leaders with more than 20+ years of passionate storytelling practice. Let us know how we can help!

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Introduction of Myndset Cards

With Myndset it does not matter who is trying to create an idea - whether they are creative directors, teachers, startups, writers or students. Learn about our simple, but challenging method and take the guesswork out of creating value-based ideas - in just 30 mins!We gamified ideation for you, so let's get started!

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Free Storytelling Cards

Your first story is on the house! Download 4 Storytelling Cards, learn the basics of our method, and get inspired to create your first story. We know it will be great! Additionally you will be the first to know when we kick off events or free seminars and be invited to join our community.
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