Myndset - Create value-based ideas in 30 minutes or less

Better ideas through emotions

Myndset inspires you in 30 minutes to create innovative ideas you will love! Build ideas with emotions at the core that are so good, you want to build them right away!

Myndset for Innovation

Empower your teams to become an innovation powerhouse! Uncover your talents potential and encourage innovation where your products are created, and loved most.

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Myndset for HR

Engage with your remote and on-site teamsand unleash the power of cohesion. Create (virtual) off-site events with a purpose and watch your teams grow stronger and become more productive.

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Myndset for Education

Help young talents to develop the Mindset they need to become successful. We will support you in hosting workshops for young aspiring entrepreneurs in schools, universities, or other educational institutions.

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Don't go solo

Our team of seasoned experts is here to support your ideas and answer all questions. Harvest our experience from 100+ ideation sessions, workshops, initiatives, and in-house product development. Trust the decision of 130+ customers worldwide who experienced first hand that we're better together!

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Introduction of Myndset Cards

With Myndset it does not matter who is trying to create an idea - whether they are creative directors, teachers, startups, writers or students. Learn about our simple, but challenging method and take the guesswork out of creating value-based ideas - in just 30 mins!We gamified ideation for you, so let's get started!

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Free Ideation Cards

Your first idea is on the house! Download 5 Ideation Cards, learn the basics of our method, and get inspired to create your first idea. We know it will be great!
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